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Financial Functions 300x250
Photo Upload Utility Tool 300x250
Agent/Office Inventory 300x250
Guest Site Click Counter 160x600
Client Web Page Maintenance 160x600
Custom Headers and Footers 160x600
Personalize Roster Search 300x250
Email Address Book 300x250
Private Client Website 160x600
Update Member Record 300x250
IDX Solutions Under Guidelines 300x250
Property Websites Under Guidelines 300x250
Products and Services Under Additional Tools 300x250
IDX/Property Website - License Agreement 160x600
Nationwide Listings 300x250 / 160x600
Statistics Corner 300x250
Roster Search 300x250
Reciprocal Listings/Corner 160x600

Please Note:
Banners are Fake
On Products and Services Under Additional Tools:
The Mock-up called for a 300x250 banner. There really wasn't any room so I placed a 160x600 banner instead.
All screen shots are at 1024 wide.